Finally Progress Is Being Made In The Case Of AKA By The Police

Kiernan Forbes, better known as AKA, was a South African rapper, songwriter, and record producer. AKA was known not only for his music but also for his fashion sense and his outspoken personality. He was one of the most successful and influential artists in South Africa and was widely regarded as a trailblazer for the country’s hip hop scene. He had one of the biggest fan base in the country,and was loved dearly.




However, on the 10th of February 2021, tragedy struck when AKA was shot in the head and died instantly. The news of his death shocked the music industry and his fans, who took to social media to express their grief and disbelief. The circumstances surrounding his death were unclear at first, but it soon emerged that he had been the victim of a targeted attack.

CCTV footage showed that the shooters had been waiting for AKA outside an establishment in Durban, and when he emerged, one of them approached him and shot him in the head before fleeing the scene. The police launched an investigation into the shooting, and there was an outpouring of support from the community, with many people coming forward to provide information and CCTV footage to help with the investigation.

To this day, no one has been arrested for the murder of AKA, but the police have stated that they are making progress in the case. His fans continue to seek justice for him, and his death is a reminder of the importance of safety and security in the music industry. AKA’s legacy as an artist and a trailblazer will live on, and his death serves as a tragic reminder of the impact that violence can have on our communities.