Noticed About Mordah Bongz recent picture with Kairo and Asante

Many of us may only imagine finding our true love, but DJ Zinhle is Bongani “Mörda” Mohosana’s perfect match, in his eyes.

The couple disclosed they pushed their relationship to the next level in episode one of season two of DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected, and Mörda acknowledged it was the choice he had to make that was the simplest.





The wife of Mörda is the mother of two daughters, Kairo, the first, from a prior relationship with the rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, and Asante, the second, from her marriage.

As a parent and husband, Mörda said he’s adjusting well to his new life and could not be any happier.

While many on social media tend to weigh in on Mörda and his wife’s family dynamics, he said he’s come to learn not to pay much attention.