Ngizwe Mchunu Strikes Back At Gospel Artists

A presenter who was fired from Ukhozi FM has threw shades on gospel artists whom he say they are begging for porridge from traditional healers using his name.

Ngizwe Mchunu said this after these gospel artists dissed him on traditional healer’s page on Facebook. Jumbo, Ayanda Ntanzi and Thina Zungu were seen on this traditional healer’s page riding an expensive car.

Ngizwe stated that he suspect that these artists were happy because of this car and that is why they spoke bad about him to Khehlelezi. People would remember that these gospel artists imitated Ngizwe, Ayanda even said he can hire Ngizwe to present a show standing near this car. Thinah was also imitating Ngizwe’s gestures while he was talking.

Ngizwe got angry and said Thinah is dissing him because he has a house thats sitting on top of the other, he was talking about Thinah’s double storey house. He then called Jumbo Masaka and said he would get Khehlelezi for allowing these artists to talk bad about his name. He assured that he would get Khehlelezi, he then criticized him for hiring these artists who end up thinking they’re better than him.

Ngizwe also dissed Dumi Mkokstad and Malusi Mbokazi who weren’t among the artists who were imitating him. He told them that the late Sfiso Ncwane is still better than them all, even though he’s no more.