Nelli Tembe: New Evidence Surfaces That Shows AKA Breaking the Door to Anele Room

Kiernan Forbes who was engaged to Anele Tembe was going through a lot for the last few weeks as he was mourning the loss of his fiance Anele. He had been quite on social media until he released a statement.

Yesterday aka released a statement saying that he is aware that there are people that are talking to the media about him and his late girlfriend Neli Tembe’s relationship.

He said that him and Lily confided in some people with their private metals and those people are using such methods against them. In the statement he also mentioned that his relationship with Nelly was like any other relationship they had up and downs.

she did not mention the things that they were going through as a couple as you said that it would be unfair since nearly is not here to tell her side of the story. An article supposed to be bringing that everything off of aka has been released to the media.

In the screenshots from the video AKA was seen breaking the wooden door to get into a room. it is alleged that Nelly was inside that room and she was the one taking the video.

Some people already draw conclusions from that video or other screen shows that was circulating in the media today. some scenes to be on aka side, but others think they already know what happened in that hotel room that day.

The two screenshots that were taken from the video of how the different floor of the room compared to the one where Nelly was nursing a bruises. That was because the picture of another was taken by a friend when she had come to fetch Anele from that hotel room.

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The video is alleged to be of a month prior Anele’s death. A friend of Neli, who released the video decided to be anonymous because she was scared. She also said that she is doing it for other women who go through the same things.