Ne-Yo’s Wife Files For Divorce After Allegedly Getting Another Woman Pregnant.

We have always known that Ne-Yo is a smooth guy who can charm almost any woman with his soft voice and charming lyrics.

In 2016, we thought that Ne-Yo has finally met his match when he married Model, Crystal Renay and had three beautiful children with




The couple even renewed their vows recently this year with a beautiful ceremony and were serving us with major relationship goals but now apparently it’s over!

To everyone’s surprise, the talented singer has recently been slammed with divorce papers by his wife of 8 years, Crystal Renay. Crystal is accusing Ne-Yo of cheating on her and has allegedly gotten another woman pregnant during their marriage.

Crystal voiced her anger and frustration on social media and accused Ne-Yo of being unfaithful to her for 8 years of their marriage. According to her, their relationship has not been perfect and she has been hiding a lot of her heartache from the public but enough is enough!

On Ne-Yo social media page, he commented and said that he and his family will work through their challenges behind closed doors and asked for privacy.

For now, only time will tell what the future holds for this pair, will they go through with the divorce, or maybe they will be able to work things out and reconcile. Time will tell!