Uzalo: Nomaswazi Got Herself In A Big Trouble After She Did This See What’s Going To Happen To Her

Presently Magwaza’s cash lost and Nomaswazi took it since they need to continue to pay Putin and she doesn’t maintain that her family should pay Putin any longer since she attempted to speak with them, yet Njinji is truly frightened of Putin since she was making sense of how perilous Putin could be, so Nomaswazi truly maintain that Putin should appear.




Also, that’s what she knows whether she took that cash Magwaza’s will not have the option to pay Putin, meaning they must choose between limited options, yet to do everything Nomaswazi says to them to do, on the grounds that she is fed up with paying somebody she doesn’t have any idea and never see.

The most exceedingly terrible part is that Magwaza’s ought to pay that cash consistently and it is large chunk of change, and that implies they ought to languish over their rest of their life.

Nomaswazi goal is to change the game to show Vika and Njinji that she is the main Magwaza little girl and they ought to pay attention to her.

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