Mzansi Is Ready To Bid Farewell To Popular Musician Mlindo The Vocalist. Read More

Prayers have been pouring in for South African musician Mlindo the Vocalist. Fans are concerned with the phase that Mlindo is currently going through.

Mlindo who rose to stardom with his album titled Emakhaya quickly became Mzansi‘s favorite. Thanks to his melodious vocals fans all over the country never hesitate to binge-listen to his music.

Recently the singer has found himself in a scandalous situation that could jeopardize his career in the music industry. Mlindo was booked to perform at a local event in Soshanguve. For some reason things took a drastic turn when the Imoto hitmaker almost collapsed on stage.

Members of his entourage were quick to come to his rescue and remove him from the stage. Fans abruptly grabbed their phones and filmed the distasteful moment that might be marked as Mlindo’s downfall. The video was shared on social media and it went viral within the first hour.

In the video Mlindo can be seen staggering on stage without any balance. He looked completely wasted and as a result he couldn’t give the performance that his fans were highly anticipating. Other people claim that someone might have spiked his drink and that’s why he was wasted like that. Here are some of the comments on Twitter.

“That Mlindo situation is so sad, as a person who’s been a victim of having my drink spiked. I know he too was spiked. That’s not alcohol, he could’ve been drinking but had his glass laced. The nail polish trick helps, but not everyone knows of it.” A female fan wrote.

The reaction to the painful situation that happened to Mlindo won’t be a good one from the Twitter Cabal, they will make it a joke, mock him the whole week ad we all know why.” Twitter’s most notorious critic Mr Handsome commented.

“Mlindo should check his circle coz these folks are not about him. Who let’s their friend go through such embarrassment?”

“Something doesn’t add up here, someone did something on drink ngeke phela, Mlindo looks like a responsible guy, but then after all alcohol is alcohol.”

“Mlindo took a drink from a girl at the crowd we all saw that video. How sad and embarrassing how are artists gonna trust us at gigs and make us happy if we do such things to them…”

Despite the video of him staggering, Mlindo the vocalist has went on to deny any of those claims that he was drunk. The hitmaker claimed that his knee injury has struck him while he was about to perform. Speaking to a media publication Mlindo said that he has an old knee injury that has been bothering him for years now.

However Tweeps are having a hard time in believing his story. They think he’s making up everything just to save his career, especially this December taking into account the fact that he is supposed to be booked and busy.

Do you think Mlindo’s drink was spiked at the party or maybe he was suffering from his knee injury as he claim? Please leave your comment down below. Also Like and Share.