Mystery death puzzles family! I found only his friends at his house but when I went to the tavern I found him dead

MORENA Lesia (24) recognized his dead cousin, Pakiso Mazibuko (32), who was lying beneath the police’s silver foil. Even before he could see his face, he recognized him with his sneakers.

On Sunday morning, he went looking for him in his house in Bophelong, Vaal and asked people where he was. “They said they hadn’t heard from him since Saturday when he called to say he’d be home soon,” he explained.


People he met at the house, according to Morena’s account to Daily Sun, stated that they are Pakiso’s coworkers. He also thought it was odd that he had left them inside the house. Additionally, he found Pakiso’s phone charging in the room and he then went to a bar.

“I then recognized his sneakers and I also saw the body underneath the foil,” he said. When the police took him to the body, he saw Pakiso lying next to it with the knife that had killed him and a R70 in his hands. according to Sergeant Gertrude Makgale, after the body was found a murder docket was opened.

She reported that the victim was stabbed in the chest at around 4.45 am by an unknown suspect.