Goodbye … Mzansi’s Gospel musician, Lusanda Mcinga

Lusanda is not just leaving the industry. She is working on an album which will her last in saying goodbye as a Gospel musician.

“Half of the songs were written by me. Betusile, Kamva and Percy also wrote some of the songs. For now, i haven’t decided on the title of the album but i can reveal it’ll be released towards the end of December or in January”, Lusanda Mcinga said about her last album.



It is so sad that Lusanda has taken a decision to leave the industry especially after having been part of it for many years. However, a break sometimes is needed for one to go and recharge so that she can come back better or move to other things and do better. If she cannot take the pressure anymore then it is a need that she must leave the industry because too much pressure can result in her not performing like before.

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