Muvhango actor Gabriel Temudzani Azwindini’s age and business empire stuns Mzansi

Pictures, Muvhango actor Gabriel Temudzani ‘Azwindini’s age and business empire stun Mzansi

Gabriel Temudzani has earned a name for himself as one of the most famous household names on the cast of Muvhango. He is one person people would love to hate but can not help but like. Sometimes the role he plays takes very villainous turns that have people hating him, and sometimes he turns around and is so sweet that most people applaud and look up to him. This has managed to keep his role as Chief Azwindini exciting and relevant over the years.




Azwindini debuted his role-playing the Chief’s son, who wanted to go against his family’s wishes and marry a commoner. This did not sit well with his father and mother, but it did not stop him. He was in love and married Susan for 22 good years. During their marriage, viewers have hated Azwindini several times as he kept bringing more women to their marriage. However, none of the women lasted a long time except Susan.

Gabriel Temudzani-Image Source(Instagram/Gabriel Temudzani)
In real life, Gabriel Temudzani, who takes on the role of Azwindini, is a different man altogether. The man is a family man who has never had a scandal regarding women in media. He is happily married to his wife of several years and has a child with her. He is 42 years of age which has come as a surprise to his fans. Looking at his physique, one would assume that the actor is in his thirties. He is a fitness freak and enjoys biking, which has significantly kept him in shape.