Kwenzi’s reign of terror on skeem saam is supreme and terrorists fans of the show.

You know the saying, things always look better in the morning? Well, that’s not the case on Skeem Saam.

The aftermath of that deadly night on Monday is even worse than we thought. Khwezi ensures she gets away with almost murdering Lehasa and frames Pretty for everything.

Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned!



Now he knew what she was capable of, that’s for sure.

Last week when Malome Phomolo suggested that he take up polygamy and marry Khwezi and Pretty, Lehasa looked at him terrified and said,” Do you want Khwezi to terrorise Pretty?”

He was also shocked to learn that Pretty was pregnant and that Khwezi coerced her into that confession video she is now using as one of the nails she is putting on Pretty’s coffin. What Lehasa didn’t know was how lethal and downright vicious she was.

Lehasa is lying in a hospital bed unconscious and suffering multiple stab wounds on his chest.

Khwezi unleashes hell on Lehasa and Pretty, it all ends in tears of blood and Mzansi goes wild!
Khwezi unleashes hell on Lehasa and Pretty, it all ends in tears of blood and Mzansi goes wild! Image: Twitter/Skeem Saam
Pretty is in a prison cell, and Khwezi makes sure Peterson throws the book at her.

Khwezi says that Pretty was stalking Lehasa, and she lost it when he chose her over Pretty. She says Pretty stabbed Lehasa and attacked her.

Fans are terrified of her and the damage she has already started to cause.

Firstly Khwezi has been planning her take over of Lehasa for months under our noses.

1, She knows all of Lehasa’s secrets and will, without a doubt, use that to continue her rule over him.

2, She made sure he gave his proxy over to her. Khwezi won Lehasa’s trust over the months, and she gave him many reasons to believe she had his best interests in her heart.

3, She is carrying his child.

Do I need to say more?

Lehasa was in the final stages of opening a new restaurant with Francois, and now that Khwezi is running the show, everyone is wondering what will happen to that.

Francois was speaking to his mother on the phone yesterday, and she was terrified about this.

She will take over Lehasa’s businesses, and who knows what she’ll do once she gets used to the power? She has a lot of Sbd; that is what is giving the fans sleepless nights.

There are a few questions that the fans are asking…


1. Peterson arrested Pretty and didn’t question that she and Lehasa were half-dressed and that Pretty was wearing some of Lehasa’s clothes; isn’t that off?

2. The scene looked romantic. There were flowers and champagne, and Khwezi was going away, so what was going on there?

3. Also, why would Pretty suddenly obsess over Lehasa after such a long time?

There is CCTV footage that needs to be explored, and that will prove that Pretty was welcomed to the flat by Lehasa. These two shared a hug outside Lehasa’s door on Friday.

Phomolo also knows that Lehasa was expecting Pretty but seems quiet now, and Khwezi is opening a case against Pretty.