Mona Monyane finds real love

South African actress Mona Monyane has finally found real love and true love after years of looking and settling for the bare minimum and we have got to admit, love looks good on her.





According to a publication, the actress took to her social media page on Instagram and said, “Real love doesn’t strive to “humble” you or “put you in your place.”

According to social media, she also revealed that Real love doesn’t prioritise fear because it understand that love is a gift created by the almighty and our job is to experience it with joy and gratitude. She further said that, Real love is not painful… Ever. Thank God, I’ve rediscovered Real love,” she said.

She also had this to say according to her social media page, sometimes we are called to be ourselves… Because in doing so we remind God’s people to realise that they are enough, their path is ordained and nothing that is theirs will pass them unless they choose death with the free will God has bless them with. I am exactly who migrate I want me to be.

According to my opinion, the actress is talking about the love of self-love, no one will love you, like you love yourself. And God’s love is the love of them all.