Brenda Mhlongo The Seed actress leaves her fans speechless with her recent post.

We are all different and have different personalities. If we are judgemental we are going to end up alone. Life is best lived when you are surrounded by people. As they say it takes a village. Love everyone but remember that it’s not everyone who is going to reciprocate the same love.









Brenda Mhlongo is one of the most fit actress in the industry. The Imbewu actress rarely looks her age. She loves working out and it is paying off for her. Every post of hers lives us in awe of her beauty.

She shared a picture of herself in her gym outfit. As always she looked amazing. If we could all have her determination and genes, we would all look amazing. “Kuthiwa! Accept people as they are but put people where they belong”. We need to accept each other with our differences keeping in mind that not everyone will accept as well.