Melita Is Yet Putting Another Marriage On The Line, Will She Win On This One

Melita’s “Skeem Saam” seduction of Mr. Kgomo. Image courtesy of @MzansiWatch The Skeem Saam March teasers reveal that Paxton, Mr. Kgomo’s (Lebohang Elephant) son, will learn about his father’s affair with Melita, his receptionist. In addition, the teasers his wife Mrs. Kgomo (Molobane Maja Mbatha) will confront him.


The TVSA Skeem Saam March teasers also indicate that Paxton’s father, Mr. Kgomo, will lose his cool when Melita (Hellen Motsuki) cheats on him with a wealthy Polokwane business. “MR KGOMO IS AT LOGGERHEADS WITH PAXTON”

Tuesday, March 1:

“Mrs. Kgomo asks Mr. Kgomo to tell her the truth.”

Tuesday, March 22:

“Mr. and Mrs. Kgomo come to an agreement.”

Additionally, the teasers reveal that Turfloop will be the epicenter of rumors of his affair. As the teasers reveal that Kgomo will threaten to send her back to jail, we anticipate that Meikie Maputla, whose husband John also had an affair with Melita, will spread the rumors.

Thursday, March 9: “Mr. Kgomo is shaken by the rumours about him that are making the rounds, and threatens to send an ex-convict back to prison,” according to the report.


“He has to give in, hook, line, and sinker. If you catch them, they both get fired for misconduct or something similar. I want Mr. Kgomo to pay for all the suffering his son caused, but he chose to ignore it.

Mclion La-tau Nwayingwane:

“She said she could do anything to protect her job now, Taste Mr. Kgomo.”

The Tshoaedi:

Mr. Kgomo has a lot of internal conflict. A very deadly life trap is dictated by his body.

Pule Mpho:

“Let Mr. Kgomo fall into that trap so Shoki can catch them in the act and shoot both of them,” Shoki instructed.