Jub-Jub Allegedly Going To Sue Moja Love After They Withheld His January Salary After He Did This

Work drama is always something that takes place quite orphaned in working environments where there could be a conflict amongst employees, and sometimes it even results in one of those employees losing their job or being punished harshly for their behaviour in the workplace. It is quite important for individuals to conduct themselves in a professional manner in the working environment and ensure that it is an environment where everyone can coexist and also work effectively.




But it seems like it does not matter what kind of job an individual does; there will always be work conflict, even in the entertainment industry, where people will expect individuals to coexist in the working environment, especially because they seem to work closely with each other, especially presenters who display a good relationship on TV.

But it has been different for presenter Jub Jub, who has been working for one of the most popular TV channels in the country ever since his release from jail. Jub Jub is now well known for his show, Uyajola99, which follows the lives of people who suspect that they are being cheated on. Ever since the introduction of the show, it has gained a lot of viewership and support from the public, and since then many episodes have been released.

But it seems like behind closed doors, things are much more intense concerning Jub Jub and the CEO of the channel. It is alleged that the television presenter decided to sue Mojalove after they decided to withhold his generous salary, which he has been waiting for but has not received, and the reason being that Jub Jub insulted one of his co-workers and allegedly swore at her, including her mother.

And it seems like the channel’s CEO wanted to teach him a very harsh lesson when it came to respect. It is alleged the fight between Jub Jub and the lady started when they were organising an event and they started arguing about certain artists who needed to be removed from the lineup, and it ended up with insulting words, which the CEO heard.