Meet the woman who was rumoured to be dating Shona Ferguson.

Kagiso Rakosa is a South African actress who shot to fame when she appeared on SABC1 soap opera Generations as Sharon.She was potraying the role of Sharon the wife of Samuel and the couple has a child together.

However in 2011 Sharon exited the popular show and she was never seen anywhere on TV, only on her social media.She was with Generations from 2005 until 2011.Kagiso and Shona have been in the social media for the wrong reasons with people speculating and the rumours said the two were dating and Shona fathered a child with her. All those rumours have never proven if its true or not.

She also starred a role as Andiswa Mlaba, the sister of Detective Lungi Mlaba on the eKasi+ detective drama series Traffic, in 2014.

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