Meet Hlelo from Uzalo amazing pictures in her real life

Uzalo, a South African soap opera, is produced by Stained Glass Productions, which is owned by Pepsi Pokane and Gugu Zuma-Ncube.

Despite the fact that its leading actors were unknown at the time of its debut in 2015, the film was an instant hit. The fascinating story was a result of excellent writing, direction, and acting.










Nothando Ngcobo plays Hlelo on Uzalo and Lingashoni, and Prudence Thabethe plays Prudence on Lingashoni. She was born in Johannesburg.

Uzalo Hlelo, a victim of domestic violence, personifies a broken spirit in the face of life’s unforgiving realities.

Hammarsdale, the township where Ngcobo was born, is located in the South African province of Mpumalanga. She moved to Johannesburg to pursue her interest in the creative arts and media.

Nothando Ngcobo, 26, has worked hard, persisted, and remained patient, and he is a beautiful example of what may be accomplished in the real world.

Nothando faced much animosity and rejection in the beginning of her career.

Below are some examples of Hlelo’s incredible photography for Uzalo: