MEC Faith Mazibuko laments Nomzamo Mbatha’s tweet

Early on Sunday, 25 October, Faith Mazibuko tweeted that ” Police have just shut down Black-door Lifestyle Lounge in Sandton. The place was operating after 12h00am (packed beyond capacity), they could not present a liquor license and there was no appointed manager”

It is against this backdrop that Nomzamo Mbatha posted a tweet on her official account which reads as follows “They know how to find and shut down clubs but fail to nail human trafficking rings that slaughter women and children on a daily. Make me numb, Nelson.”

Faith Mazibuko decided to reply to Nomzamo Mbatha’s tweet, and in her own words, Mazibuko said that “Who would’ve thought that a raid at Black-door would ignite advocacy against human trafficking? Especially from S. African with a huge social media following, which would be useful in fighting the scourge of GBV. Police must raid these clubs frequently, we need these voices”

However, Nomzamo Mbatha is yet to respond to Faith Mazibuko, but people on twitter didn’t waste any chance to weigh in on the subject matter. A relatively unknown person said, jokingly, that the police should raid taboo next week, just for control.

And someone who agreed with what the MEC has done replied by saying MEC, you deserve bells. You should be made a Premier or minister of police, just love your energy and love for justice.

One of Nomzamo Mbatha’s follower posited that ” We can criticize the law enforcement agencies for failing to deal with human trafficking, but shutting down irresponsible night club is also important. We are still in the middle of Covid-19. And there’s a fear of the second weave. I personally can’t afford to go back to level 5″