Manaka’s first born got a role on Rhythm City

Manaka Ranaka is a South African entertainer and a minister for some, driving brands. She is likewise essential for the ranaka’s which is an unscripted tv show that plays on mzansi enchantment on thursday around evening time.

Manaka Ranaka is known for her job on ages the inheritance as Lucy Diale and others know her from lockdown and stockvel.

Manaka has three youngsters and the initial two are young ladies which she adores very much.She as of late have birth to a child kid.

Manaka’s previously conceived kid has a child called Mpho and she is an entertainer also. She graduated and she has made her absolute first presentation on the etv telenovela called Rhythm City.

Katlego excelled on the job that she was given and plainly she is as capable as her mom Manaka .On the their unscripted tv we become acquainted with additional about them and their lives.


When you have connections everything is possible but here the nice part is that she is also talented .