Man Who Prophesied About Shona’s Death Speaks Out- He has Witnesses who Claim They Saw his Prophecy

This previous end of the week has been exceptionally enthusiastic and disastrous, particularly for The Fergusons, their companions, partners, and fans after the awkward passing of TV legend Shona Ferguson.

The producer and entertainer died on Friday (30 July) at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg in the wake of being conceded for COVID-19 related inconveniences — this agreeing on an assertion delivered by the family.

Accolades have been pouring in for the star who enlivened individuals from varying backgrounds with his work; regardless of whether he was before the camera, behind it, or in any event, when he showed the world looks at his private life as a family man.

While accolades proceeding to pour in for the late entertainer and maker, what has stunned numerous individuals on Twitter and has had numerous people talking, is a Twitter client who purportedly forecasted the death of the incredible entertainer.

Rhadebelihle, on his Twitter account, shared screen captures of tweets that he had coordinated to entertainer Connie Ferguson on the nineteenth of May this year. Communicating his tragedy, he said that when he saw that Shona had passed, it ‘made him extremely upset since all he needed to do was to forestall this on the nineteenth of May 2021’. He further said that he was grieved that he didn’t attempt enough, likewise giving screen captures of his tweets from that day.

In an extensive string, Rhadebelihle had labeled Connie Ferguson, revealing to her that her significant other’s life was in harm’s way.

“Your spouse’s life is at serious risk. I’m not looking for consideration in case there was a superior method of getting the message through it was going to be not difficult to connect with you privately.”

The one who calls himself ‘the sun god RHA in the nomo body’ proceeded to clarify what he had seen with his profound eye; clarifying that Connie was sorrowful and harming when he addressed her about her better half, Shona. He had likewise encouraged her to affirm his prescience with a conservative and look for help for her better half.

“I was with you 1hour back in the otherworldly astral plane the fourth measurement and this is what occurred. I inquired as to whether you are okay and you deceived me and said ” no it’s simply a twar” I then, at that point discussed your better half how I appreciate and regard his uprising. You were so pitiful, distant, calm. I began crying to the point I felt heartbroken losing my breath in tears and you screened.

“you *SCREAMED* in tears yelling with a heartbroken distress saying “MY HUSBAND, MY HUSBAND” and in ordinarily until it was over I said “I DON’T KNOW WHY AM CRYING, I DON’T KNOW WHY AM CRYING” it was so pitiful and decimating.

“On the off chance that you don’t accept each word I say it’s okay. Yet, for wellbeing. Go to a conservative they will affirm. Fix your family security. Ensure your family is secured particularly your better half so he keeps on satisfying his calling as the anointed one. I bless your heart.”

These tweets, which were purportedly posted on the nineteenth of May, have since turned into a web sensation on Twitter.

After coursing on the application, numerous clients forgot about them as alters that were antedated with an outsider application.

In any case, numerous others have come out to check that the tweets were surely posted on the said date as they saw them. There are additional remarks under the tweet, which are likewise dated 19 May.

The 47-year-old entertainer is made due by his lovely spouse and colleague, Connie Ferguson. The couple was the embodiment of two or three objectives. Their adoration was an affection that numerous individuals long for as they fabricated a realm together and went through their days together making extraordinary TV and making every second count.

Shona and Connie likewise have an excellent little girl together, Alicia Ferguson, who is 18 years of age; just as Connie’s girl from her first marriage, Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson, who has a child kid that large numbers of us have seen on our screens — most as of late as Masego on Rockville season 5.

May his spirit find happiness in the hereafter.