MaMlambo ‘Gugu Gumede’ salary on Uzalo leaked

In South Africa we know that actors and actresses are not paid the same, and this is due to the manner which they paid them there are some things to follow. First, an actor or actresses is paid according to the time they spend on set, experience and the role they play.



Gugu Gumede is one of the most celebrated actress that we have in South Africa, she plays the role of MaMlambo on Uzalo. Few weeks ago, she found herself trending after her an alleged rumour of exit from Uzalo made all sort of headlines online and on social media.

The seasoned actress has never come out to confirm this alleged rumour that have been trending on social media, so today we gonna take a look at her salary at the show as it has been leaked.

The actress according to reports has dreams of becoming an actress one day and told her friends that one day she will be an actress, and indeed she is one, and according to my opinion she’s one of the best actresses that we have in the country right now.

When it comes to Uzalo, there’s no one who’s gonna make a noise in the room where the show is being watched, if you haven’t prepared yourself something to eat before the show just know that you gonna eat after the show, according to my opinion that’s how South Africans love Uzalo.

Salaries of actors and actresses vary with the production house too. However, salaries of the highest paid actors and actresses in the entertainment industry are based on show ratings, years of experience and obviously craft competence. We all know that uzalo is one of the shows that has the highest ratings in the country.

Uzalo has more than 9.88 million viewers and one could assume that the show have the highest paid performers, but that’s not the case according to reports.

MaMlambo, depending on the scenes featured, the Uzalo firebrand MaMlambo according to Savannanews media publication, it has been reported that she takes home a salary between R35,000 to R45,000 per month. When she is not on set, she’s either at church or making some side hustles.