Makhadzi Slams Rabs After Claiming She Owes Him R16K

Makhadzi might be one of the best local performers in the country. However, it seems that the musician cannot stay out of drama for extended periods of time. This is as not a week can go by when she is not accused of being a no-show or dragging herself into a scandal.

As such, it would seem that the saying, “bitten once, twice shy,” is one that she does not live by. This comes as she has found herself yet again going at on social media with promoter Rab Vhafuwi. Back in January 2023, the two had their first public tiff when it was reported:



The promoter, Rabs Vhafuwi, took to Facebook initially to call out Makhadzi and her team for ignoring his calls and messages. This is as Rabs believes that he is owed monies from Makhadzi and Co. While he did not stipulate the actual amount, Rab did make it sound like it is an amount that Makhadzi can afford as he asked, “Do we have to fight over such a small amount?”

— Rabs Vhafuwi (@RabsVhafuwiSA) January 6, 2023When asked to name specifically why he was calling out Makhadzi. Rabs then shared a thread alleging that the
Haka Matorokisi hitmaker missed two performances that Rabs had booked her for.However, Makhadzi’s fans were quick to come to her defence. This is as one tweep in particular not only confirmed that Rabs was allegedly attempting to smear Makhadzi’s name with false accusations. But they also suggested that Makhadzi did travel to the concerts in question but they were a flop.

Taking to social media recently, Rabs shared a screenshot which was his “proof” of Makhadzi owing him a remainder of R16 000 after only paying R4 000. It would seem that Rabs had booked Makhadzi but she had not performed as promised.

As such, it seemed that Makhadzi needed to pay back the agreed upon amount. However, two months later, Makhadzi “changed” numbers and seemingly blue ticked the rest of the outstanding amount.