This Shaka Zulu who speaks SeTswana leaves South Africans talking

With Sunday, 18 June 2023 just around the corner. The official promotional run towards the premiere of the much-anticipated remake of the 1986 classic retelling of the life and times of Zulu warrior and king, Shaka Zulu of the same name.



Promotion for the series has been long-going as it started as early as December 2022. For the most part, lead and executive producer Nomzamo Mbatha, who is set to play Queen Nandi, has been at the forefront of promoting the joint venture with Bomb Production.

As such, it seems that it was only recently, that it was highlighted that acclaimed young actor Lemogang Tsipa, who is Motswana of tribal origin, is set to play the adult version of the most prolific Zulu king.

Is a SeSotho-speaking Shaka Zulu a problem?

Lemogang Tsipa has made waves in the three years and counting since he broke into the mainstream of the film and television industry locally. This is as he was first reported by the publication:
“The young actor has impressed a lot of people since appearing on iSthembiso and some women have taken a great liking to Lemogang as well.

If there’s one thing people have come to appreciate about Lemogang is his passion for acting and how seriously he takes his craft.

In 2017 he acted in a local movie titled Beyond The River which received a lot of raving reviews.”

However, it seems as if excitement has been piqued ahead of the premiere episode of the retelling of the Shaka Zulu story. One social media user took to the timeline to highlight that Lemogang was actually Motswana of tribal origin rather than Zulu.