Makhadzi receive R1.5 Million for her performance in Zim.

A South African singer Ralivhons famously known as Makhadzi went to Zimbabwe for a gig, little did she know what awaited for her when she arrived. She was promised an amount of R300 000 but because of her talent and entertainment, she impressed everyone and they offered to pay more than the agreed amount.





In a video shared on Twitter a man in a suit which his identity is yet unknown took to stage to announce that they now agreed to multiply the amount by 5 which gives a total of R1.5 Million for her amazing performance.

The singer used to perform for free or R2 coins.she served her humble beginnings as now she is overwhelmed by the gesture. It’s no surprise that a good Samaritan saw she deserves more.

She is not celebrated enough, she got a rare talent, she is proof that it can be done and her life story is an inspiration.