Whatever Happened To The Masina Twins Hlelo and Ntando

Former YFM presenters Hlelo and Ntando Masina aka The Twinz decided to take a break from the spotlight and made a comeback to the public domain with a new YouTube channel. In 2013 the identical twins went MIA after leaving YFM,after being on air for 5 years at the popular youth station. Their reality show Blame It On Fame had a successful run on e.tv and aired for 2 seasons.




Following their departure form radio and TV, The Twinz threw them themselves in the Campaign For Girls initiative,which involves helping young girls in their careers and self development.

Speaking to Channel24 Hlelo said: “TV and radio are what put us in the spotlight,and when we stopped doing it we didn’t feel the need to stay there.”

For Ntando the break form the limelight gave rise to a change that she says needed privacy:”I needed spiritual, mental and emotional grounding.Self reflection and growth helped me reassess my priorities and goals,”she said.

The Twinz went on to start a brand new YouTube channel inspired by their new perspective on life: Content and ownership is king.They also started sharing their pictures on their Instagram account,making a splash on social media.

They both agree that not much has changed since they both took a break from radio and TV. “Radio and TV have always been a huge love of ours and should an opportunity that feels right present itself we will explore it,”they added.