MaCele says Musa Mseleku will not have another wife

As MaCele and Musa Mseleku were celebrating their 20-year anniversary, MaCele decided to reveal something that most of us have been thinking about because she once mentioned it in one of the previous seasons of Uthando Nesthembu.

MaCele revealed that once she reaches the 20-year anniversary of her wedding with Musa Mseleku, Musa Mseleku is no longer going to take another wife and it is no longer up for discussion even if he sees an opportunity of getting another wife.





“Now that we’ve reached 20 years, Mseleku will not have another wife. That’s not even up for discussion. Even if he sees a gap, he will never bring it up to me because that chapter has come and gone”, said MaCele.

Musa currently has 4 wives, MaKhumalo, MaNgwabe, MaYeni, and MaCele herself. In the previous episode of the 6th season of Uthando Nesthembu, we saw Musa being on a mission of wanting to get the fifth wife and the other wives were all not in agreement with him taking another wife.

Now, it seems like it will definitely not happen and Musa will no longer take the fifth wife because MaCele and Musa have celebrated their 20-year anniversary.

In my opinion, I think that it is a good thing for MaCele to mention and make sure that Musa Mseleku remembers the deal he made of not taking another wife if he reaches the 20-year anniversary with MaCele.

Even though we know that Musa Mseleku is unpredictable, he might just decide to change his mind and marry another wife without anyone’s concern.

Do you think that Musa might break the promise and still go ahead and take another wife even though he has already reached the 20-year anniversary date with MaCele? Chat with us in the comments with your opinions.