Skeem Saam Recap, Leeto is in serious trouble with the law and Turf community, find out why

Lord of the flies fetched Dragon and now he doesn’t want anything to do with Leeto and the club anymore.

Lord of the Flies suggested that Leeto must get protection for himself and Leeto didn’t listen to him.

Dragon came to threaten Leeto for the amptienth time and this time things really looked like they could have gone bad.

He had Leeto pinned to the sofa when Lord of the Flies came in behind him pointing a pistol at his head.

Dragon was shaken to the core and when he went to Charlie, he had decided that the club was a bad idea all together.

Leeto is going to get into trouble after this because he hasn’t received his gun yet according to the police.

Babeile has called Leeto and his friend to the police station for illegal fire possession.

Meanwhile, the community is going crazy and plans to stop the nightclub.

Leeto is now facing resistance from every corner at this point.