Lupi Ngcayisa celebrates 45 years.

Celebrating a birthday is important and a blessing. Many people don’t make it to their birthday due to sicknesses, accidents and other reasons beyong their control so it important to celebrate your birthday and everyday for that matter.

Today Lupi Ngcayisa is celebrating his 45th birthday. Lupi is an experienced director with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry. Skilled in Stakeholder Management,Intergovernmental Relations,Corporate Governance,Public Policy,Brand & Reputation Management and Strategic Marketing.



he made a name for himself by also being a motivational speaker. He was also one of the well known radio personalities. Last year Lupi was happy and celebrated 120 day without booze and sugar which led peolle to thinking he was an alcoholic.

he is currently living a very private life with noone knowing his movements and what he’s dojng. Today he is trending after the announcement that he is celebrating his 45th year on earth. People on Twitter are also wondering why he’s been quiet. a tweep said “It’s been a while since I last saw and heard anything about him… What is he doing at the moment?”

That’s a question we all asking ourselvesn what is he doing at the moment. Anyway, Happy birthday Lupi.