Lizzy And Mapitsi Will Investigate Prof Kganyago Asap

Ntate Kganyako has been a clamoring man as of late directly following mentioning that Jacobeth marry him today when he shock her with a fair sincere dinner, that has gone out considering how he has been endeavoring to cover her personality.




Jacobeth has no idea what will happen to her life once she gets married to this risky man, who will take all of her money and leave her with nothing. Elizabeth has also found incriminating information about them that could put Jacobeth in jail.

Before anyone finds out about Mr. Kganyakgo’s little trick to this innocent woman who is unaware of the bedlam, Mr. Kganyakgo needs to wed her lady.

Because they have been hearing the encouraging news about Mr. Kganyakgo that has actually appeared around here, the Turf community will be shocked if they learn of him.


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