Heres What Nomvelo Had To Say About Her Life Experience On Scandal

the fact that she was being truthful about her time on etvScandal, she did not intend to say all of the things she said in a video.EtvScandal has been supporting her expenses, education, and current way of life.

After revealing that Scandal was toxic, Nomvelo Makhanya, who is well-known for her role as Lindiwe Ngema in the television series Scandal, went viral.The actress was disclosing the truth about her departure from etvScandal.

She has been getting questions about why she quit her job.Nomvelo stated in a video that she was written off because it was not her choice.The last time Nomvelo made an appearance was on November 10, 2022.According to other sources, she left etvScandal in order to concentrate on her relationship.

Nomvelo has disclosed the truth and his departure motive.The actress has responded to the rumors about her in a video.According to Nomvelo, she has been the one spotting all of the smoke.She claimed that she wanted to leave Scandal and had been praying.She claimed that the work environment at etvScandal was extremely toxic to her.

OPINION Numerous individuals are in a toxic environment but are unable to leave due to a number of factors.It happens, and not everyone can quit their job today and find a better one the next day.Nomvelo could have stayed home and avoided that harmful workplace.She now gives off the impression that she was the troublemaker and toxic person.