Lerato Kganyago splits with multi-millionaire Thami Ndlala for the second time, set to walk away

Lerato Kganyago separates up with millionaire Thami Ndlala for a second time, and he stands to inherit a large sum of money.
It has been claimed to be Mzansi’s biggest celebrity fraud. Lerato Kganyago is in the spotlight after allegedly calling it quits with his swindler husband Thami Ndlala twice in the last two years.





Despite the fact that their marriage was picture-perfect, there was allegedly always strife in paradise, and Lerato was involved because he wanted to defraud Ndlala of his money. The renowned DJ and media personality allegedly deleted all images of Ndlala from her social media accounts, which caused a social media backlash.

Mzansi was very certain that the two had split up. Unconfirmed rumors indicate that the two have been living apart in recent months as a result of a contentious fallout. Without a doubt, many people are put off by Lerato’s gesture. We have learned about this trend thanks to Mzansi celebs who recently found a stylish manner to announce their divorces.

Many others think it was a marriage of convenience since, following their first divorce, they were unable to reconcile by splitting their corporate empire. Lerato swore to stop Ndlala from attempting to seize part of the properties from them after their first falling out. Lerato Kganyago separates up with millionaire Thami Ndlala for a second time, and he stands to inherit a large sum of money.

The news in the midst of the outrageous charges has not yet been confirmed by the two. The two split up back in 2020, just two months after their customary wedding. On her birthday, Ndlala re-proposed to Learto, and she accepted.

Since then, he has lavished Lerato with money, treating her to hotels, expensive automobiles, and even reserving the stadium for a special Valentine’s Day date.

The billion-dollar business empire of Thami Ndlala

The founder of Two Ndlala Brothers is the well-known business magnate Thami Ndlala. The company specializes in the sale of high-end automobiles and air travel. He has commercial interests in protecting wildlife.

He also serves as the CEO of Thami Ndlala Holdings Pty Ltd. in addition to these roles. Adorantha, a business that offers healthcare, is also owned by Thami. However, Thami Ndlala Holdings generates over R40 million in income annually and offers services in asset acquisition, business development, management consulting, and project management.

Value of Thami Ndlala

The renowned business tycoon is thought to be worth R720 million. He has a collection of expensive cars, and to show off his wealth, he also owns private helicopters and aircraft.

When it was reported that the business tycoon lives next door to South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, he grabbed media attention. He owns pricey residences in Sandton’s Hyde Park and Strathavon.

Half of Lerato Kganyago’s fortune is due to him.

However, if the two decide to divorce and use the court’s services, KLerato will receive half of Ndlala’s wealth as compensation. She will undoubtedly become one of the richest female celebrities as a result of this divorce. After all, her divorce deal may allow her to surpass Connie Ferguson and Shauwn Mhkize as the wealthiest female celebrity in Mzansi