Dj Zinhle and Moozlie taking shots while on vacation in Los Angeles

Dj Zinhle and her bff Nomuzi Mabena take shots in Los Angeles while on holiday.

Dj Zinhle, Moozlie, Kairo and Aka’s mother Lynn Forbes are all in Los Angeles California together. Dj Zinhle and Moozlie attended the BET international awards event together while Kairo and glammy are sight seeing and enjoying the holiday.








Dj Zinhle and Moozlie shared pictures of the two at a spot in Los Angeles taking shots and having a good time. Moozlie was the last one standing as she said in the video that dj Zinhle is already drunk. Dj Zinhle responded and said that she is suffering and she said that she is a boulevard type of girl and not the kind that takes shots. It looked like the two were enjoying their drinks.

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