Lady Du ‘I’d rather look broke trying to build a successful future

Lady Du has reflected on the decision she took to invest in herself and her businesses last year.

Taking to her Twitter timeline recently, the amapiano songstress-turned-businesswoman in a series of tweets opened up about how she has focused all her energy into building her future.



“2021 was my breakthrough year. 2022 I didn’t drop anything, I took all the money I made, bought properties to turn into businesses. I literally focused on that so my brand can be able to take care of itself. I didn’t create a lifestyle I won’t afford, I invested in my future,” she wrote.

She said she is at a point where social media validation does not matter.

“I’d rather look broke trying to build a successful future. Things you need to learn in being a brand, you don’t need to oversell being successful, people will love you just the way you are, social media is for advertising your work, not for validation. Not likes and followers,” she added.

She is venturing into the beauty industry, and taking to her Instagram last year, she said it was her dream to start Wawa La Beauty.

“I don’t think you guys know all the things I studied, beauty being one of them. After school I studied beauty, travelled the world working on a cruise ship, [and] my biggest dream was to own a salon. Music captured me, I focused on it, but now that I can do both, I took my savings, bought a house in the hood so I don’t have to pay rent. I wanted to bring the Sandton experience back to the hood,” she wrote.