“Angela Bassett should not be this fine at 64 years old

American actress Angela Bassett, whose real name is Angela Evelyn Bassett, is most known for playing Black women who impacted history, such as singer Tina Turner, civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks, and Betty Shabazz, the wife of Malcolm X.



Bassett was raised by an aunt in Winston-Salem, North Carolina after being born in New York, New York. Bassett and her sister went to St. Petersburg, Florida, when Bassett was around five to live with their mother, who had split up with their father.

It’s hard to believe actress Angela Bassett is 64-years-old. She looks much younger which may be due to her healthy diet and exercise routine. But she may also just have an advantage she was born with: her race.

At 64, Angela Bassett knows she looks good. She doesn’t need anyone to tell her, especially if they’re going to add “for your age” to the end of the compliment.

If you think about it, the overused phrase, “You look good for your age,” is kind of a backhanded insult why must age be a factor in someone’s beauty? That’s what Bassett wants to know.

She was recently posted with the caption that she shouldn’t look this fine at 69 years old although she is 64 , this caused a stir on social media with some claiming that she did Plastic surgery. Some point to her hands that they show the real age.