Khwezi’s Uncle Went To Lehasa’s Place To Take Her But See What Lehasa Going To Do

Lehasa got a call from Pretty and he was cheerful. Pretty let him know that Kgosi called her and undermined her. Lehasa blew up went to see Kgosi. At the point when he showed up there, he tracked down Kgosi, Nokuthula and Khwezi’s uncle. He didn’t welcome them. He went directly to Kgosi and he let him know that he ought to quit intruding in his business. He undermined him then he left.

Kgosi called Khwezi and let him know that Lehasa came to him and undermined him. He let him know that he is terrified of him. He let Khwezi know that she ought to be cautious around Lehasa. Khwezi let him know that he is blowing up.




At the point when he arrived, he let Khwezi know that she ought to gather her packs so they can return home however Khwezi denied. Her uncle told her that she isn’t protected and that she should conceives an offspring at home.

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