I have no regrets about supporting and buying local brands. Check the collection of his shoes

I have no regrets about supporting and buying local brands. Check the collection of his shoes

“I have wholeheartedly supported Theo and Lekau, not only by buying their shoes but also by speaking highly of their brands to others and convincing some to do the same. I have no regrets about supporting them because these two gentlemen inspired me and they have shown us that it is possible.”





Lehlogonolo Motseeng is happy to be supporting black people who have made excellence by building something amazing. Theo Baloyi and Lekau Sehoana are two people who made successful businesses for themselves, and it has been known throughout the toughest times in South Africa, during the lockdown in the country.

That was a moment in South Africa that had many people loosing their employment and others were able to create something. Master KG and Makhadzi are some of the many musicians who made it through lockdown, as much as the two men who made sneakers have been able to push their own brand. People are starting to have a different view of how they see things.

There is a lot that people are creating rather than having to import almost everything, and they want to make an impact on the huge market. Many people from Africa, as a continent has gone international with its brands, Burna Boy, DJ Blackcoffee, and many more like them. Even when you look into the sports field, you have Benny McCarthy who is performing very well at Manchester United.

Lehlogonolo loves his local brands, and that is something he cherishes a lot. When you love something, it becomes a third of your life, and people would be surprised if they saw a different person. You are known for it and expected to have that something you love with you at all times.

“The spirit of collaboration is the best thing ever because no man is an island and coming together with other entrepreneurs is inspiring,” Lekau Sehoana.

“So throughout my corporate career, I was looking at my life and I was like, Wow, it has been a series of great opportunities! However, whenever I came back from Dubai with my nice car and I drove in the hood, I would see that people are still suffering,” Theo Baloyi.