Kayise Ngqula Debuts Her New Acting Role On Popular Telenovela

Kayise Ngqula is excited about her new role as Nelisiwe on ‘Isono’.
Image: Instagram/Kayise Ngqula
TV presenter and actress Kayise Ngqula is ecstatic about making her debut on BET Africa’s new daily drama series Isono.

While the film and TV industry are still trying to find their feet shooting scenes under the “new normal” of Covid-19, the former OPW presenter took to Instagram and expressed great joy at being given the opportunity during such difficult times.

She shared a video clip of herself in action and also took the opportunity to introduce her character – who is set to play a more motherly figure – to her followers and fans.

“Meet Nelisiwe on Isono. [I was] in between meetings and getting home late just in time to put my son to sleep. I missed Nelisiwe’s (the character I play) debut on Isono tonight. Well I hope you didn’t.”

Kayise urged her followers to journey with her as she believes many will relate to the motherly role that Nelisiwe plays.

“I enjoyed finally getting the opportunity to play a motherly figure and hope you’ll enjoy seeing me in that light too. Journey along with her, I have a feeling many of you may relate to her story.”