K Naomi and other celebrities starts to speak up, after Nelli Thembe’s passing.

In the wake of Nelli’s suicide rumored to be fueled by depression, many celebrities have joined the campaign to destigmatize depression on Twitter, by opening up about their battles with depression and the steps they are taking to fight it.

Amongst them is Singer Simphiwe Dana who says she suffers from both depression and anxiety. She does not not take any medication for the depression, as she fears that it would affect her creativity, but she is on medication for anxiety.

Tv personality K Naomi also said that she found out that she had minor depression , in 2018. She also does not take medication as she feared that she would get addicted, she still suffers from anxiety and her supportive family and a therapist she sees, help her through to fight the depression.

Newspaper Journalist Gasant Abarder, also came out and said he takes medication for both depression and anxiety. Media personality Melzin Bala, said she has suffered from postnatal depression and depression. She also suffers from anxiety here and there, and takes medication for it when it fires up.

As we can all see that no can tell that those celebrities suffer from depression from their public lives, depression is indeed a silent killer, but can also be cured and treated by taking the first step and talk to someone.