Eye witnesses reveals suspicious information about AKA’s Fiancé Nellie Tembe

AKA’s wife death has been a tragedy and it’s still shocking till today . There has been so many questions regarding her passing but till today not even her family members had come forward to tell the public about what exactly transpired to have got into the accident which led to her passing.

So many people are speculating on what could have happened, However people who were around the scene of the incident have come forward to explain what they had witnessed on that faithful morning.

A security guard who was able to see the whole incident from the outside came forward to explain what happened. He said he heard screaming and so forth and after the screaming, the thud follows . According to him he thought it was a car that got an accident around the hotel but then again he was suspicious as he couldn’t see the car anywhere . After sometime as he was still looking out on what that nth us was for, he then heard screamings for someone who was saying that there was someone who was lying down by the floor.

They immediately called in the paramedics who got to the scene quickly, according to the security guard, Nellie Tembe was still alive , unfortunately they had to treat her on the scen as she had lost so much power due to the injuries she sustained from falling from the 10th floor where they had booked . Ok all this , no one said anything about where AKA was . Those who have seen them together said that they were at Ayepeyep together where AKA was performing. From there we are not sure if AKA was in the hotel with her or she was just shouting alone as they are saying she had depression.

This shocking revelation doesn’t really explain much rather that what we already know . We hope that AKA and her family will surely release the statement later on when they are done with the funeral arrangements.