It Is Believed That the Person Responsible for the Death of Senzo Meyiwa Has Been Unmasked

According to Times Lives, a media and publishing company based in South Africa, Longwe Twala brought the revolver that was used to kill Senzo Meyiwa into the home of Khumalos Vosloorus in October of 2014. This occurred in 2014. However, Meyiwa’s lover, songstress Kelly Khumalo, inadvertently squeezed the trigger, which resulted to Meyiwa’s death.




During the trial for the murder of Senzo Meyiwa, an attorney for the defendants stated that his clients were innocent of the crime and denied any involvement in it. However, the people he spent the evening with—with whom he ate supper, drank alcohol, and watched soccer—ultimately turned out to be the catalyst for his early demise.

During the proceedings that were taking place in the Pretoria High Court, Meyiwa’s best friend, Tumeli Madlala, was being questioned by Thabone in a manner known as cross-examination. According to Thabone’s account, Madlala’s testimony suggests that there was an incident prior to Meyiwa being shot, and that witnesses were present during the confrontation.

That evening, Madlala was present, along with a lot of other folks that were there. On the contrary, this is true. According to Madlala, Meyiwa Longwe Mthokozisi Twala, Kelly Khumalo, her sister, their mother, and two young children were all present in the house when the assailant broke in. Madlala also claims that their mother was present.

He went on to say that as Longwe dashed out of the house, Kelly dashed to the bedroom. He said this as he continued. While Meyiwa fought the one armed with the gun, Zandi and her mother attacked and beat up another suspect. Meyiwa was injured when the cannon fired, and the other trespassers fled in terror as a result.

As Thabone and Longwe continued to quarrel outside the house, Meyiwa and Longwe got into a physical altercation after Longwe entered the house with a revolver pulled. At the time, Longwe and Zandi were dating each other.

Thabone asserts that Meyiwa swiped Kelly’s gun during the incident that they were involved in. Thabone asserts that the gun went off as Kelly was going to hand it over to Meyiwa, and that this was the reason. Madlala suggested to Thabone that he was making up the narrative, but he claimed that he was telling the truth.

In Senzo’s case, a witness is prepared to identify the shooter in court.

Even though Madlala testified that he did not make any identifications during a parade, Baloyi insists that the state has established sufficient grounds to request that Madlala identify the defendants in court. Mshololo, representing the fifth accused, Fisokuhle Ntuli, objects, asking what grounds Baloyi is referring to. Arttoney Thobane claims the defense would take care of everything from there.

To which Thobane disagrees, saying, “Identification is worthless and not acceptable in court,” and Baloyi continues to question Madlala about whether or not she recognizes any of the alleged intruders in the courtroom. More importantly, “Thobane argues,” citing a ruling from the Supreme Court of Appeal, “my clients weren’t ordered to an ID parade.”

The witness responded, “Even yesterday, I was prepared to name the individual.” The presence of this individual has been grating on my nerves, so yesterday I pleaded for a break. He explained that the presence of Senzo’s murderer in court yesterday contributed to his emotional breakdown.

Continuing his attempt to present heads of argument, Baloyi says that Mshololo is against an in-court identification, but that the defense can argue and reply to his case the next day. Mshololo is concerned that his strategy amounts to an ambush.

The judge, Maumela, would have to intervene if Baloyi presented his heads of argument before the defense had seen them. Before the defense can present their case, according to Maumela, they need to see the heads. Baloyi doubts that Mshololo has a good reason to have the judge write down that Madlala must present his aircraft ticket. We had problems with this evidence, so maybe tomorrow they can convince me, Maumela says.

People dissapointed in Senzo Meyiwa’s Best friend

Mzansi could have done without Senzo’s mate, who has a bad rep for being a fraud. Find out why this is the case. Tumelo Madlala, a close friend of Senzo, gave an in-court explanation for his absence at Senzo’s funeral. Everyone expected him to tell the truth in court, so they were ready for his testimony. Unfortunately, that wasn’t how it turned out.

The court and jury concurred with Madlala’s analysis. Apparently, on the day that Senzo died, he was watching football with him and meeting Kelly’s mom. Moreover, contrary to initial claims, Kelly was not present at that location on that date. Most people would rather not have the response even when they don’t need it. These are some of the things people have said about Madlala: “Towards this individual, I have some strong sentiments.

His reading of the scriptures was coerced out of him. What she was crying about was the truth. You should yell if he is lying.” “I wish my mother will yell at me every time she considers the possibility of us being friends until the terror fades away. companion”.

“Tumelo, a false friend of Senzo’s who deceived him, has been thrust into the limelight after accepting money to make a public statement. We can’t point fingers at ourselves even though we know who really killed him.”

The general public views Madlala as a terrible friend because they suspect she is always plotting up new lies to tell in court. His loyalty to his lifelong friend demands honesty from him. Considering all the conjecture that has surrounded Madlala, imagine a situation in which she is sharing some of her thoughts and feelings for the first time. Some people won’t believe him because they’re too wrapped up in their own stories to see the reality in what he’s saying. They might wish to ask the heavenly emissaries for help if they can’t figure it out on their own.