DJ Zinhle’s baby daddies AKA and Murdah Bongz hanging out together raises eyebrows

It is without a doubt that DJ Zinhle has had a rocky relationship with rapper AKA and her fans are thrilled that she got married to Murdah Bongz who seems to make her happy. The DJ had opened up on her reality show that she is trying to make the blended family structure work with her baby daddies. This has gotten her attacks all over social media from people who thought she was not over AKA. Last night at Moozlie’s birthday celebrations, AKA and Murdah Bongz were photographed together, raising eyebrows among Mzansi.




When DJ Zinhle broke the news that she was pregnant, AKA was happy for her and made jokes that she was having a baby with yet another industry guy. The DJ shared that AKA wanted to be in Asante’s life from when he was told the pregnancy news because she is Kairo’s sister. DJ Zinhle thought it was only fair because Murdah Bongz is part of Kairo’s life as well.

AKA-Image Source(Instagram/AKAWorldwide)

Murdah Bongz’s thoughts on DJ Zinhle’s ex
The Black motion DJ was not okay with his wife’s ex being in their lives and his child’s life and raised concerns on the issue. However, DJ Zinhle found a way to make him understand where AKA was coming from and shared that she works hard every day so that her blended family can work. In a recent episode of DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected, she shared that people on Twitter were getting to her, and they don’t understand her family.

Murdah Bongz
Murdah Bongz-Image Source(Instagram/Murdah Bongz)
On the day of Kairo’s birthday DJ Zinhle and AKA’s girlfriend, Nadia Nakai were booked on the same spot. The two shared a video of them hanging out behind the booth during Zinhle’s performance as they hugged and whispered to each other, giggling. The video went viral, with Twitter calling it fake love because at one point, they loved the same guy, with Zinhle being in the past and Nadia being in the present.

AKA and Murdah Bongz hang out for the first time publicly
Murdah Bongz and AKA
Murdah Bongz and AKA-Image Source(Twitter/Musa Khawula)
Last night rapper Nomuzi ‘Moozlie’ Mabena had a birthday celebration at Montana, where Pearl Thusi hosted while DJ Zinhle and Murdah Bongz performed. Several celebrities attended the festival, including AKA, who was photographed with Murdah Bongz for the first time. Their picture had gone viral on Twitter, with people having mixed reactions to it.

Mzansi has mixed reactions
Some fans thought the photo showed respect from both men. who understand how blended families work and are excited for DJ Zinhle that her kids’ fathers are finally getting along. Others think that DJ Zinhle wears the trouser in her marriage, so Murdah Bongz had no choice. Others believe that DJ Zinhle wears the trouser in her marriage, so Murdah Bongz had no choice.