Isn’t Weird For Somizi To Publicly Say That He Is Scared Of Kelly Khumalo’s Power?

If there is one celebrity friendship that is so tight and so refreshing to watch it has to be the friendship of Somizi mhlongo and Kelly Khumalo. The two has been friends for such a long time, I mean Kelly khumalo even has a whole song that she wrote for somizi, the song is called Somizi.



The two has supported each other for so long and they do it Publicly which makes it so refreshing go see. However, we are a little bit confused with what somizi has just said. Kelly Khumalo has been sharing a lot of snaps on her Instagram of which most of them she is just promoting her new music. On this one snap somizi commented and said he is scared of the power of Kelly after she posted. This is just so weird seeing that the two are friends, why would somizi say he is scared and do it publicly?