Durban Gen actor Mthandeni Mbambo Thulani’s age and business empire shocks Mzansi

In Pictures, Durban Actor Mthandeni Mbambo ‘Thulani’s age and business empire shock Mzansi.

Mthandeni Mbambo has earned fans’ respect through his role in Durban Gen, which makes people confuse him for an actual police officer. His performance in the telenovela has led people to believe he is in law enforcement in his real life. The actor takes on the role of a police officer married to Phumeza, one of the nurses at Durban General Hospital. He is someone who walks the narrow road but also makes mistakes.

At the end of the first season, Thulani made a professional mistake when Thabo held his wife and brother hostage. This led to Sbusiso getting shot and killed and Thabo being arrested. However, when investigations are made, it is discovered that the bullet that killed Sbusiso was from Thulani’s gun. This leads to the man being suspended from his position as a police officer.




After some time without a job, chance has it that he helps the hospital catch a culprit who was stealing a baby. After that, Thulani is offered a job at the hospital as the head of security which he enjoys. The couple gets to work together and share rides which cut costs. Recently, Phumeza was a victim of a stolen identity case where her twin stole money from them and almost cost her marriage.

Mthandeni Mbambo’s business empire stuns Mzansi
In real life, however, Mthandeni Mbambo is not a law enforcement agent. The actor has been on many fronts of the acting industry playing pretend. Durban Gen is not his first role as an actor on television. Mbambo was introduced to the silver screen with a role in a movie called Bad Throw. He followed that up with a role in Task Force, where he was a barman. After that, he was in Isibaya before his role in Durban Gen

Actor Mthandeni Mbambo
Mthandeni Mbambo-Image Source(Instagram/Mthandeni Mbambo)

Besides his television career, he has a colourful career in Theatre. He spent a long time travelling the world, playing a role in a Sarafina play. His first role was in 2005 when he was cast as part of Bhambatha playing Prexley ka Seme. Because of his outstanding performances, he landed a role in Shosholosa, a musical as Bafoza. Until today, he gets roles in plays quite often and shares with his fans on his social media handles.

The actor is the definition of Black Don’t Crack because he looks younger than he is. Looking at Mthandeni, fans may assume he is in his late twenties, but that is not the case. The actor was born in 1985, making him 37 years old this year. This means that he is 14 years older than his on-screen wife, which is a shock to fans.