I don’t bother anyone, I just wake up and love my wife |Dr Musa Mthombeni.

It seems like love it’s all that Dr Musa Mthombeni can offer to his beautiful wife who is a best friend a soulmate and the love of his life, the famous doctor doesn’t allow time or day to pass without telling the media how lucky he is go to have a wife like liesl. This is love like no other people may be negative towards his posts or mayve jelous and say some disturbing news like he has been given korobela but what remains is that the love that Dr Musa has for his wife is unmatched.

They are still newlyweds but then it seema they have spent a lifetime of years together and they have been each other backup and best friends forever. Here is a picture of the loving couple as they posted a picture of themselves while wearing some Miss South Africa belts as they were watching the Miss SA which was been televised on Tv.

The picture was posted on twitter as it got a lot of admiration and love and even though they were some negative comments still the couple really know how to show how much they love each other. They have been keeping mzansi fans on their toes because really there is no greater thing in this world except love.

Dr Mthombeni woke up one morning and he decided to share that when he wakes up he doesn’t bother anyone he just wakes up and love his wife. Ladies will agree that a husband like Dr Musa is a need right?

Who wouldn’t love a husband who respect and remembers you in his everyday endeavors? He cherish the love and the undying affection he has towards his wife.

Here are some few comments that surfaced after Dr Mthombeni posted his picture with his wife on social media here are the views and opinions of his fans.