House Of Zwide: Faith Got Herself In A Big Trouble See What’s Going To Happen To Her

Sandile is shocked when Faith and Zanele move in and passes on him without a spot to live. Bra Carter makes Isaac an enticing proposal while the media craze follows at HOZ.

Nkosi reminds Mampho to get her loyalties right while Zanele acts the hero and Faith is spooky by a voice.

Molefe interferes with Carter and Isaac. Confidence goes nuts when she learns of the new proof against her, while Funani and Isaac bond.

Laz is steady to Zanele who is taking serious strain, while Isaac initiates Molefe into his arrangement and Keletso is discovered playing with a weapon.





Still up in the air to proceed with the heist, regardless of Molefe’s alerts, while Faith has an extremely open implosion.

Isaac pulls a dangerous move which enrages Bra Carter while a spooky Faith is persuaded into settling on an intense choice.

Bra Carter and Isaac gear up to execute the ideal heist. In the interim, Ona suspects something is happening among Rea and Funani.

Isaac follows through on a weighty cost for his mix-up and Faith assembles a family conference that leaves the Zwide’s stunned.

Molefe and Soka are compelled to act the hero, while Zanele unexpectedly grasps her mom’s destiny.

Zanele gets found out among Faith and Funani and needs to go with a difficult decision. In the mean time Funani figures out how to arrive at Ona.

Molefe keeps on concealing Isaac from the family and Faith’s arrangement misfires in the most awful manner conceivable.

Confidence keeps on losing her grasp on the real world, while an incident with Dorothy prompts Rea making a stunning revelation.

Sandile crosses a line to save Zanele from pursuing some unacceptable choice. In the mean time, Rea defies Bra Carter about the heist.

Laz pulls a frantic move when she feels Funani is dismissing the business. In the mean time Faith makes an extraordinary move to dispose of Busi.

Mampho is the only one stressed over Faith while Shoki attempts to help both Nkosi and Ona, however her arrangement turns out badly.

Confidence goes to Mampho in her period of scarcity and Laz keeps on playing a risky game despite Funani’s good faith.

Confidence prepares herself for a last confrontation with Busi and Rea hesitantly keeps on focusing on Isaac who’s frantic to account for himself.

Confidence attempts to exorcize her evil presences and Ona finds a staggering mystery, because of Molefe.

Pressure in the Molapo house detonates to the surface while Nkosi abruptly winds up got among Laz and his dad.

A revelation from Nkosi prompts Funani terminating Lazarus, while Ona and Sandile share their misfortunes and she takes steps to assist him with tracking down a spot to remain.

Confidence’s celebratory state of mind is demolished when Busi returns while Funani apologizes to Lazarus and Soka is stunned that Ona’s set up Sandile to be his flat mate.

The Zwide’s observe Faith’s preliminary date being presented, however are before long stunned by insight about Faith’s hospitalization, while Molefe willingly volunteers to shield Soka from Sandile.

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