Here is How Much Uncle Waffles Has Made During Lockdown.

The Swati national girl has been making moves in the entertainment industry for quite some time. Uncle Waffles is one of the youngest talented girls in Swaziland. Before embarking on a DJ of DJing Lungile Zwane was a TV presenter in one of the Swaziland TV.

Uncle Waffles has been able to establish herself in the music industry over the short time she has been in the spotlight, as well as drawn the attention of some of the biggest names in the business, including Canadian rapper Drake, who reportedly follows her on Instagram.


Based on various online sources, Uncle Waffles’ net worth in 2022 will be around $150,000, equivalent to approximately R2.4 million at current exchange rates.

Her fans have prayed that she invests her money on something fruitful especially since most people on social media have prayed for her downfall. Objectively speaking, Uncle Waffles has received hate from some of the twitter users because of her signature which is how she dresses up when she is performing. Again it is important to take note that everyone has their signature.

Besides, she is still young. She should be allowed to be herself and do what her want her to do. Aside making muller Uncle Waffles has proven that it is possible to be become a millionaire within a short space of time if you are determined to becoming one.

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