Gigi Lamayne visits her grandmother in Zimbabwe

Gigi Manny is one of South Africa successful female rappers. She was born in 1994, in in Lenasia and she grew up around Eldorado Park, and Boarding school. In 2013 and again in 2014 Lamayne won the South African Hip Hop Awards of for Best Female rapper.




Gigi Lamayne is proud of her calling as a sangoma. She says she have helped a people through her consultations she does on Instagram live.

“I love how earthy and natural that everything feels in Bulawayo when I breathe in the air, I feel it’s not toxic. I was in eNkayi yesterday and I’m in Burnside now. I was in Nkulumane and I’ve got family in Nketa. I feel just so amazed to get to really know about the culture of young people. And I know that there’s this energy around music right now.”

Gigi Lamayne says, her calling started when she was 11 years old but her parents could not understand what was going on with her. It was last when she attended her calling as a sangoma. She shared her nre spiritual journey on social media wearing sangoma regalia. Part of her journey to visit her grandmother in Zim was part of reconnecting with her ancestors.