Generations: Paul’s Kind Gesture Puts Sphe On The Spot

Sphe was worrying about Rori because there is an event coming up at Rori’s school and she was supposed to go with Mazwi. Now that Mazwi is not around, Rori has no one to go with.


Luyolo offered to go with Sphe and she agreed. When Sphe was at home, Paul arrived with Rori from their ice cream date. Paul told Sphe that Rori likes him and Sphe told Paul that Rori is happy when she is with him.

Paul told Sphe that Rori told him about the upcoming event at school and she asked him to go with her. Sphe wanted to refuse but Paul told her that he has already agreed to go with Rori.

Sphe did not tell Paul that Luyolo wanted to go with Rori to the event. Now Sphe has to tell Luyolo that he will no longer be able to go with Rori. Luyolo will not be happy.