DJ Zinhle needs to respect her husband, it’s enough now” this post

Some people think that Dj Zinhle is now doing too much when it comes to talking about the late rapper AKA, who was one of South Africa’s mainstream rappers and DJ Zinhle’s baby daddy.

People are not happy because they think that DJ Zinhle does not respect her husband, Murdah Bongz. This is because of a video that recently surfaced on social media of Murdah Bongz shedding tears on stage while he was performing.




People assumed that DJ Zinhle had something to do with Murdah Bongz shedding tears on stage. People also think that DJ Zinhle does not respect Murdah because she still constantly posts statements where she still talks about the late rapper AKA.

A person by the name of Paulina (@PaultinaM1306) took to Twitter to state that Zinhle must start respecting her husband because it is too much now.

“DJ Zinhle needs to respect her husband. It’s enough now”, wrote @PaulinaM1306.

This statement by @PaulinaM1306 received a lot of opinions in the comments section and tweeps are that Zinhle should respect her husband Murdah Bongz, while some think that Zinhle will only respect Murdah when he takes a stand as a man.

@HalalaCele said, “I don’t think Zinhle will respect him until he decides to stand up & own his position as a husband. I think the power balance is currently a bit skewed in Zinhle’s favor. And it’s not about money but seems like it’s a personality issue. He needs to dial-up and close the power gap”.