Gen_Legacy|| Pam and Lelethu shared a kiss in the lift during Load shedding

Pam got mad at Luyolo because he told Lelethu about them spending a night together. Luyolo told Lelethu to stop talking to Pamela about what he tells him. Lelethu found Pamela in the lift and he apologized for telling her that he knew about her and Luyolo and she said that it was fine.





The power went off while they were in the lift and Pam poured her coffee on Lelethu’s shirt. He then called the building manager but he told him that they will be stuck in the lift for a long time. Lelethu decided to take his shirt off and Pamela was turned on. They both kissed and they both enjoyed it. It is clear that Pamela likes Lelethu the same way he likes her but she was scared to admit it.

Now that they have kissed she will have to choose between Lelethu and Luyolo but Luyolo will be hurt. Already there has been a red flag from Pamela to Luyolo when she told him that they should take things slow. He should just accept it and move on with his life.